American Bulldog Breeders

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answer all your questions.

  • Ask you several questions about yourself, your lifestyle, and your family situation. The breeder may ask to meet your entire family. Good breeders want to make sure their animals are placed in loving, responsible homes. They will go to great lengths to ensure this.

  • Be concerned about the animal for a lifetime. They may ask you to sign a contract, specifying your responsibility in taking good care of your new dog. Expect a good breeder to follow up on how the animal is doing, even after you've taken the pet home. Answer questions, even after you've taken the pet home.

  • Keep puppies or kittens until they're at least 6 weeks old. (Actually, 8 to 12 weeks is preferable.)

  • Provide references. A good breeder will provide as many references as you ask for, willingly. It's also a good idea to ask for a veterinary reference, too.

  • Provide lots of information. They should provide all the needed information to register your dog with a breed club like the American Kennel Club or Cat Fancier's Association. Plus, they should provide information about raising, training, feeding and proper veterinary care.
  • Here's what you should ask.