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Leather dog muzzle 'Dondi'-pluse style For American Bulldog
American Bulldog Royal Nappa Leather Dog Muzzle

Handcrafted leather dog collar- American Bulldog
bulldig collar

The American Bulldog, also called the Old Country Bulldog, is a dog with an unforgettable face. They weigh 75 to 125 pounds. They are 20 to 28 inches high at the withers. Their coat is short, stiff, coarse, dense, and close-fitting. Their coat comes in white patches with brindle, red, tan, and other shades of these colors. They have half a dozen to a dozen puppies per litter. Their lifespan is 8 to 15 years long. The American Bulldog looks like the English Bulldog except that it's slimmer, taller, and more athletic. American Bulldogs are stout, strong, big-boned, and graceful. They're light as a feather on their feet - much like Mohammad Ali. It's surprising for their size.


American Bulldogs are dutiful, courageous, and protective, but they should not be aggressive. Despite their reputation, American Bulldogs make wonderful family pets. While they are capable of being competitive with other dogs, they should not initiate a challenge unreasonably.

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